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Development Problems of Fly Ash Dryer-Fote Machinery

Sep 10 2015

 Fly ash dryer is a drying machines which is mainly used for drying powder materials. At present, there are many brands of coal ash drying machine, the product quality is uneven, and the price is different. This is the development problem. Following, we will give an analysis of the developing problems of our country's coal ash dryer in three aspects.

1. Unformed technical competence
“Price war” has been left behind in the technological innovation of today’s large-scale development, enterprise core technology competence is the top priority, but now our ash dryer manufacturer to concentrate too much market demand in the near future more on the already mature product, the technician can not be good to open markets through technological innovation, to win potential customers in the market.
2. Small size export
Currently, our pace of opening up foreign markets of fly ash dryer equipment is slow, and is not yet formed a large-scale exports, the export volume is less than 5% of the total, and foreign markets mainly in Africa and Southeast Asia and other countries.
3. Deterioration of industry competition
This is an era of competition, but also need the rules of competition. China dryer industry is highly competitive, resulting in some companies focus only on immediate interests, not concerned about the overall situation, the lack of systematic development of ideas, and thus improve the overall quality of the industry is slow affecting the normal development of the industry.

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