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Avoiding Three Optional Misunderstanding in Choosing the Ceramic Ball Mill

Sep 10 2015

Ceramic ball mill is a popular product in processing equipment. The ceramic ball mill produced by Fote machinery is mainly composed of feeding part, discharging department, rotary department, transmission and other components, users favor it because of its reliable, high-performance, high production efficiency, here, Fote Machinery remind you to avoid three mistakes in purchasing the ceramic ball mill.

1. A lot of irrational purchase, resulting in equipment shelve
Some enterprises in order to improve production efficiency, regardless of their scale of production and target production, only pursuit  speed, bulk purchase ceramic ball exceeding its production capacity, resulting in the high cost of investment, equipment remaining on hold, and thus increasing depreciation costs, cost recovery slow, so hold device into a pile of “scrap metal”, reducing its value in use.
2. Unscientific purchase, contrary to the actual situation
  In the purchase of ceramic ball mill, some users do not concerned about the actual needs of their own production companies, such as limiting production specifications, the actual production conditions, production sites, users in the purchase of equipment, all need to combine with the actual production and then do a scientific and reasonable purchase.
3. No purchase plan and reasonable development of equipment specifications, blindly buying
 In the purchase of equipment, the same as supermarket shopping, make a list or purchase plan first, you need to list the general situation of the ceramic ball mill specifications, at the time of purchase combining with manufacturer recommended technicians, then do a rational purchase.

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