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Reasons Affecting the Production Targets of Powder Ball Mill

Sep 10 2015

  So far, the ball mill with the advantages of low investment cost, easy installation, low maintenance costs and large production capacity, making it the industry's most widely used product. A lot of experience has shown that when the powder ball mill at its best work condition, not only can increase its production processing capacity, but also improve the efficiency of the entire apparatus. The following article mainly analyze the impact of the powder mill production targets reasons, the study on improving equipment production targets and reduce energy consumption are of great importance.

1. Using different region material
   Minerals are formed after a long natural time, different environments, even with the same mineral also have different properties. And customers  mine in the different regions, the ore grindability will be difference, manual operation has been difficult to identify the nature of the ore on the environment, we must go through a lot of research. Changes in the nature of the ore will lead to lower productivity, so that increased the powder ball mill energy consumption, especially for some of the larger differences in material hardness, so when we in the purchase of equipment, it is necessary to advance a clear understanding of material properties, to see whether the device using the same the performance of different kinds of materials.
2. The impact of process variables
    When determine the material, factors that can affect the normal production targets is the process variable, such as the mining amount of material and mill ore concentration, some customers, in order to increase production, increase the amount of mine material in the production process, this will cause the device over load. Powder ball mill has a certain standard to the mine amount, if not mine according to the standard, it will result in excessive blockage material, it will affect the normal production, not only can not increase production, but also affect the normal production standards.
3. Human disturbance
    The so-called human disturbance factors, refers to non-automated manual operation problems, mainly due to the powder ball mill operator’s skill level and quality. Our company make a policy that operation worker of the product involved must go through professional guidance or training, in order to avoid improper operation caused problems which not only directly affect the production change jobs, most importantly, it will affect the entire manufacturer’s economic and technical indicators.

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