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How to Deal with Hollow Shaft Plasma Leakage of Slag Ball Mill

Sep 10 2015

Slag is to blast furnace slag in the molten state into water to form a rapid cooling of the material, it can be used for the building materials in the production of cement and concrete, and can be used as high-quality raw materials. Slag ball mill is the critical equipment for grinding the slag raw material into powder. Equipment may appear hollow shaft plasma leakage problem during its use, this article will introduce how to deal with the problem.

1. Reasons of plasma leakage

(1) Unreasonable installation of lining the center of the ring, resulting slurry not smoothly flow into the cylinder body;
(2) Unreasonable gap control of the hollow shaft and feed cylinder.
(3) No sealed or seal is not in place between the hollow shaft and the feeding barrel.
(4) The level of pulp density can also cause plasma leakage problem.

2. Solution

(1) Welding way
   This method is generally applicable to the relatively light of the hollow shaft wear, not much into the slurry, or fit into the barrel and the hollow shaft has not been destroyed, you can choose welding method.
(2) Magnetic packing
    This method is mounted few magnetic stripe at feed estuary relying on magnetic absorption in the inlet at the top. This sealing effect is very good, but this method is only suitable for magnetic pulp, there are some limitations.
(3) The use of adhesives
     Apply a layer of metal rubber in the inlet and the hollow shaft of the slag ball mill, over time, glue will automatically curing, so that the inlet and the hollow shaft of the contact surface is no gap, it would be difficult from between pulp leave out the gap, reached the effect of repairing plasma leakage problem of slag ball mill.

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