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Three Tricks to Easily Increase the Output of Iron Ore Ball Mill

Sep 10 2015

Ball mill as a common processing equipment, is widely used in mineral processing, building materials and chemical industries, it gives users a new equipment which has the features of light weight, low cost, energy saving, low noise, low steel consumption, and high productivity. During use, users pay more attention to how to increase production, how to produce high-quality products. This article will share how to easily increase the production of iron ore ball mill.

1. Plus home crushing equipment
  The fine crushing before mill is a premise to improve milling efficiency. In fact, the addition of former mill crushing equipment, is to change the size of materials into the mill, the larger pieces of material treated in advance by crushing in a ball mill ore feed mill, greatly reducing the difficulty of grinding mill, thereby grinding system reduces the load and increase its production.
2. Use a suitable dispersant
 Dispersant is a functional group with a variety of organic surfactant, with high dispersion grinding performance. Added dispersant after grinding, it can reduce slurry viscosity, improve grinding efficiency and classification efficiency; reduce the average particle size of about 40%; the effective removal of paste balls, grinding paste phenomenon, reduce wear warm, reducing the flow rate; improve the mill yield of 20-30%, saving energy consumption. But not all agents are suitable, you need to choose the most appropriate agents then it will have a significant effect.
3. To ensure proper ball ratio
    In grinding production, the size of the ball should be ground and the material feed size proportional. Therefore, feed particle size increases, the diameter of the ball should be increased. At the same time, any material liner wear rate is high, rubber lining wear is also true. Practice shows that the number of ball diameter size and quantity of the yield, liner wear condition and service life are influential. So maintain proper ball ratio is a key measure to improve the yield.

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