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Necessary Knowledge for Users: a Large Strengths and Weaknesses Collection of Ball Mill

Sep 10 2015

Ball mill preferred by many people because of its superior performance and wide applications. However, users should fully understand the equipment in the purchasing, including the advantages and disadvantages. The following are the a large advantages and disadvantages collection of ball mill.

1. Advantages

(1). Strong production capacity

Ball mill can grind most materials, and produce uninterrupted. So it’s enough to have a ball mill if you want a complete production line needed the appropriate grinding equipment.

(2). Advanced technology

Ball mill develops for a long time, and has fewer production faults through continuous improvement to optimize the majority grinding material needs.

(3). Simple Troubleshooting

Firstly, production problems; secondly, ball mill is easy to maintenance, production personnel can solve some problems themselves.

(4). Excellent performance

Ball mill has a big crushing ratio, abrasive material up to 300 mesh, and the materials size can also be adjusted. In the whole production, small power consumption, low energy.

2. Disadvantages

(1). Higher installation requirement of the plant

all mill’s installation generally requires a more solid concrete ground, because it’s too heavy. It will not sink in underground if on the poor solid foundation in the production operations.

(2). Low price competitiveness

Ball mill price is higher because it uses more materials(steel, etc.) and high-profile, raw material production costs directly response to the price.

In short, more advantages than disadvantages, and disadvantages is relatively speaking, but these are the user should know in the equipment purchase.

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