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Buy What Kind of Coal Slime Dryer is Better?

Sep 10 2015

Coal slime dryer is widely used, except a good drying coal slime effect, it can also dry a lot of materials. But now coal slime dryer quality varies greatly in the market, for the users, how to pick and choose it? This article provides the following ways.

1. High-yield, production reaches 76 t/h

No matter what type coal slime dryer, the yield problem is always the first consideration. On the one hand, coal slime dryer cost-effective production is high; on the other hand, high production efficiency, short construction period. Therefore, the requirements equipment production is 76 tons per hour. Don’t purchase if the equipment production is too low.

2.Long service life, wearing parts should not be replaced in 3 years

Maintenance costs is relatively higher when there is any problem of coal Slime dryer component failure phenomena, especially for the barrel. Therefore, we should choose a long life equipment, such as wearing parts can not replaced more than three years or three years without damage, only this slime dryer is worth buying.

3. Energy, power, fuel saving can reach 50%

Like slime dryer large machinery products, it has a large consumption of fuel, electricity once running. According to statistics, electricity and oil costs can reach more than ten million per month. So, select a high-energy dryer, its saving rate can reach 50%. Fote Machinery-coal slime dryer can save electricity 60% every year compared with similar drying equipment, and about 65% of oil. More specific details, welcome to consult the company!

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