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Influencing Factors of Raymond Mill Price

Sep 10 2015

Raymond mill is mainly used for various of ore and coal, has a more high production efficiency and lower energy consumption than other mills. There are many Raymond mill brand on the market, prices sometimes vary greatly, even big price difference in the same Raymond mill manufacturer. Therefore, what are the impact factors of Raymond mill price?

1. Quality

The primary factors of Raymond mill prices is the value, and the most direct value manifestation is product quality. High quality products generally requires more advanced production technology and more reliable manufacturing material, so the price will be higher.


Different Raymond mill models production process are varied, and the raw materials cost is also very different, which directly affect the manufacturing costs. These will be directly reflected in the Raymond mill commodity pricing.

3. Labor costs

Labor costs are an important part of Raymond mill costs, Raymond mill price will be relatively higher in the high labor cost area; on the contrary, the price will be reduced.

4. Transportation and installation costs

Transportation are originally a service part, but some manufacturers will count Raymond mill transportation and installation costs into the sales price, pay attention to it when selects.

5. Market factor

Market, also known as supply and demand relation in the economic field, when Raymond mill oversupply on the market, the price will generally lower;otherwise will generally rise.

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