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Three Significant Advantages of Fote Lignite Drying Machine

Sep 10 2015

China Fote Machinery is a large joint-stock company focusing on heavy mining machinery development, production and sale, mining machinery produced by company has a top manufacturing level and praised by many users. We take lignite drying machine as an example, to understand why Fote machine are welcomed and trusted by market.

1. High drying efficiency

Drying efficiency, one refers to the processing amount, the second is thermal efficiency. Fote lignite dryer processing capacity is very large, has a very strong anti-overload powder and high operating efficiency; adopts high efficiency drying method, using a variety of lifting plate to explore material fully to the hot air, which means a higher thermal efficiency. Therefore, it can produce more economic benefits at the lower drying costs.

2. Good performance of feeding and discharge device

Fote lignite powder dryer uses a new feeding and discharge devices, get away from blocking, reprocessing and uneven feeding phenomenon, Which achieving material uniform heating to ensure steady production activities.

3. Steady operation

Fote company's lignite powder dryer using the new internal structure, can effectively prevent the material sticking on the inner wall, makes it more adaptable to the materials. Less wear, more reliable operation and higher productivity.

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