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2015 Winter is Coming - How do Overhaul of Jaw Crusher

Sep 11 2015

After investigation, damage of jaw crusher parts in winter is higher than in other seasons, especially in maintenance, in addition to accessories for repair, but also do some additional protective measures. With approaching winter of 2015, how do the jaw crusher overhaul work? This article is the following statistics:

1. The repair of eccentric shaft crack
In winter, the eccentric shaft of jaw crusher occurs cracks in operation, damage is common there. Because the eccentric shaft is made of steel material, which will appear lower hardness and toughness in the coldest season. Cause cracks in the eccentric shaft when the material contact, even breakage. Recommended for maintenance of the eccentric shaft, except into the welding process, but also into the heat treatment process to prevent further cracking. In addition, in winter when using the broken equipment, prohibits direct start up, should be preheated to avoid crushing the material eccentric shaft member.
2. The overhaul of bearing angle exfoliation
 Bearing surface angle skin off problem is mostly because of lubrication. Usually in winter, lubricant system is easily to occur the solidification phenomena, resulting a bad bearing lubrication, leading a serious friction bearing surface, resulting in jaw crusher bearing surface of the cuticle off. In addition to the maintenance of the bearing surface wear multiplexed, every time in use, you should do proper bearing lubrication refueling, or the use of special lubricants in winter, so avoid the lubricating oil freeze phenomenon.
3. Chassis repair
     When do maintenance for the jaw crusher frame, we should pay attention to the outside of the rack coated layer of rust film, in order to avoid the winter snow accumulated in the outer corner of the machine, so the machine surface rust corrosion; or wipe antifreeze oil, at the same time also check the wear parts on the rack, because the components failure rate is much higher in winter than in other seasons.

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