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Pricing Basis of Impact crusher-Fote Machinery

Sep 11 2015

Impact crusher is the only machine that is able to complete the crushing efficiency and also can make sand, has extremely wide range of applications. It is precisely because of its advantages, the device appears significant reduction phenomenon which misleads consumer awareness, so the following, we will give a brief introduction on the price basis od the impact crusher.

1. Based on the difference of the product itself
 Different impact crusher has quite specifications, models, performance, and its price positioning differences are very large. For example the price of a small impact crusher is low, large impact crusher with high pricing, new products whose prices are often high, so price of  impact crusher varies with its automatic differential , there is no precise standard.
2. According to the product brand
Brand determines the price of impact crusher. There are a lot of differences with the same specifications of equipment price, higher visibility of the brand, its price will be expensive. But in terms of quality and service that are higher than their non-branded impact crusher. We proposed in the purchase of impact crusher, it is better to choose a brand of high, authoritative manufacturers.
3. Based on the cost price
The cost price of impact crusher is the most critical factor in the pricing of the device. The costs include labor, materials, production and other costs. These costs are added to the price of equipment, if once one of its increase, then the impact crusher price positioning will also rise.
4. According to the consumer price considered value

 Impact crusher in pricing, the consumer’s price value is also very important, such as overpriced, who aims to make the consumer stop looking, feeling pressure; In addition, when the price is too low, it will lead to consumers questioned the internal structure of the device, and be confused. So impact crusher equipment manufacturers in accordance with their own situation, combined with the price consumers recognize to give a reasonable price of impact crusher.

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