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What Are the Price Costs of Impact Crusher?

Sep 11 2015

Since the application of impact crusher, in terms of price it has been in a precarious state-fluctuating which directly affects consumers’ judgments. Therefore, the technical staff of the impact crusher summarize the price and do some analysis to tell customers its price costs.


1. The raw material costs
Raw material cost of impact crusher machine refers to materials and equipment surface paint material, the material of the device determines the level of raw material costs. Its equipment includes a flat material, steel, metal and other materials. In addition, the impact crusher coated paint touch into several layers, each layer of paint which are not the same. If manufacturers use low-quality materials so the price will be low relatively.
2. Labor costs
 In the process of making the device, in addition to raw material costs, the labor costs are the highest. Since the completion of an impact crusher production, requiring multiple links, such as: research and development, welding, painting, external packaging, etc. require a lot of workers to complete. The total labor cost includes wages, social insurance, employee benefits, labor protection costs, etc., therefore, the price of any  piece of equipment are not separating with its labor costs.
3. Other costs
 Here the cost is related to the impact crusher factory location. For example, the cost price of the leased plant manufacturers, the local transportation, consumption level will affect the price of equipment. For example, first-tier cities and second-tier city has different substances standards, that plant rental costs vary greatly. These extra costs will increase the prices of impact crusher.

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