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How to Identify the Quality Level of Hammer Crusher?

Sep 11 2015

Hammer crusher belongs to high-efficiency crushing equipment crushing products, it can break 1800 mm ores into chunks of ore sand about 20 mm, and is certainly practical broken equipment. But if you have to buy bad quality equipment or performance of non-compliance, not only from this crushing effect, the use of fault is also very frequent. So, how to identify, judge the quality of hammer crusher ?

1. Identifying through the configuration of the device
The configuration component level and grade of hammer crusher determine the overall quality of hammer crusher. Especially, the hammer of crusher hammer, it is most critical parts in breaking material. If the component is not high overall performance, the crushing of hard materials are prone to wear and tear, or directly to split off and other phenomena, seriously affecting the overall operating efficiency of hammer crusher. Thus in the identification of the device quality, its configuration should not be overlooked.
2. Identifying through the use of the material
Material will directly affect the quality of hammer crusher, the working efficiency. There are many types of equipment materials, including iron and steel maximum hardness of the material is stone, most durable, the most expensive. Generally, some large manufacturers will use this material, but small crusher manufacturers use dual-phase steel, is also a kind of iron and steel materials, but less iron. Therefore, its material and material content are very important in judging the quality of the device.
3. Identifying through random checks
Selected one of the same batch of hammer crusher as sample, then be detected by the experts to see the indicators whether in line with the device mechanical system national standards.

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