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The Rejected Four Points in the Purchase of Jaw Crusher

Sep 11 2015

Jaw crusher is the King among crushing equipment, it has a wide range of applications and great broken power. There are many different equipment specifications, vertigo chaos, disrupting users right judgments. Therefore, technical personnel tell you purchase should be clearly identified to refuse the following four points: not blindly buy.

1. Refused high propaganda apparatus
For some manufacturers of high publicity jaw crusher, in some newspapers, windows gallery, screen advertising and publicity campaign. This kind of manufacturers of crushing equipment and models is not recommended to buy. Because the appropriate word of mouth publicity is the brand share, and excessive publicity must keep mass excess and controversy, on the other hand like this propaganda will be invested lot capital investment, and these funds will be added in the mobile jaw crusher pricing.
2. Refused to low price equipment
Jaw crusher of low price, their potential harm is very large, first there will be “cut corners” in productions; Secondly its material selection is poor, and has low capacity. When the jaw crusher occurs bulky stone, it will wear out serious damage and so on. Giant crushing plant like this will not be much difference in the price, so when the clerk like to introduce you the low price of jaw crusher, you should immediately be careful and rejected.
3. Refused to second-hand equipment
Do not buy the used jaw crusher firmly, even the new secondary. Because secondary jaw crusher documents are not complete, no after-sale protection, if there are problems in the use of, then it is very troublesome to repair and capital investment is too large; in addition, the use of second-hand ball that you do not know how long its internal components in what circumstances, if there are damage or lack of. If put this device into production, it can easily lead to failure of the incident.

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