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Raymond Mill - the Most Advanced Milling Equipment

Sep 11 2015

Raymond Mill is one of many grinding equipment, among grinding series it is the fifth generation of products. The product which broke the previous milling equipment can not achieve large-scale, high-performance theory. Currently on the market becoming the largest mill, a high-end milling equipment for customers and enterprises has brought higher profits. The following aspects will be set forth why its the most advanced milling equipment.

1. High-tech
In the production on the basis of Raymond mill, adding some advanced science and technology, such as computer control, easy operation and management, and function more like Raymond mill equipment, is need to use the computer assisted analysis, making the material powder grind law data acquisition, processing and control integration.
2. High efficiency
Raymond mill of its unique curved-type blade design can be oriented facade, so the ring roller mill, middle and lower can be grinding, increasing the material working area in the machine and increase production. The maximum processing capacity is up to 60t/h, becoming the most efficient mesh production milling equipment.
3. High environmental protection
Raymond mill in order to achieve specified environmental requirements of the country, in each device configuration dedicated dust collector, whose collection efficiency of 99.9%, reaching dust-free operation, and fully meet the national dust discharge standard. In addition, optimizing the internal structure of Raymond mill, in addition to low the noise, decibel sound emitted when operating in full compliance with national standards for noise control.
4. High intelligence
Raymond mill realize the technology-real-time monitoring bearing temperature, to eliminate the high and low temperature caused due to bearing failure, prolong bearing life; In addition, the device increases the detection system and intelligent control module, to facilitate the automation and control. Under certain circumstances to achieve the remote, shut down, boot unattended operation, reducing labor.

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