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The Unique Advantage of Ball Mill-Fote Machinery

Sep 11 2015

Since the ball mill advent in beneficiation mill grinding equipment market, it has been called the most “powerful” by the users, whether from the appearance, technology, performance, and productivity, other inorganic comparable grinding apparatus. Therefore, this article introduce the unique features of the most “powerful” mill grinding equipment-ball mill.

1. High production efficiency
Adding electrolyte material to ball mill when it grinds material, which not only reduces the moisture content of the material, but also reduces the hardness of stone materials, so make the materials easily to crush, improve production efficiency; in addition, in work ball mill has to carried out a reasonable set the fill factor of the material in the total proportion of machine within given reasonable control, will not overload case, the operation will be clever light, so also the rapid increase in the mill efficiency.
2. Good wear resistance parts
First in the ball fitting connection, the application of the welding process 30 mm and subjected to heat treatment process, with resistant to abrasion, economy and other characteristics; at the same time, a ball mill consumable materials are used fierce steel, its strength and toughness are very high reduce the wear rate, shorten the parts replacement rate.
3. To achieve one person operation
Ball mill apply automation technology, in operation only needs a computer to control; moreover ball mill auxiliary facilities including special powder machine, dryer, press this set of equipment, energy saving, a worker can operate, can replace all the old-fashioned hydraulic extrusion and expensive filter apparatus, with the advantages of equipment automation and so on.
Not all of the above three points ball mill’s unique features, but also its unique advantages in performance. We believe that with the development of technology, there will be more sophisticated design which can better meet customer demands.

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