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Problems and Solving Methods about the Movable Cone and Fixed Cone of Cone Crusher

Jun 20 2014

In the working of cone crusher, motor drives the eccentric sleeve to rotate by an arranger. And the movable cone rotates and swings by the driving of eccentric sleeve. The area that is between the moving movable cone and fixed cone is called crushing cavity. In the process of crushing, materials are squeezed and hit by the two cones many times, and finally they are crushed. There are series of problems existing in the fixed cone and movable cone because of its own flaws. I will introduce some problems and solving methods about the movable cone and fixed cone of cone crusher in the following part.

1. The movable cone and fixed cone are made of a single high-manganese steel. So the service life of its liner is short, its crushing performance is poor, its energy consumption is large, the particle size of the crushed material is large, except these, there are many sheet materials in the finished products, and etc.
2. The shape of the crushing cavity is turbinate. Such design is unmatched with the carrying capacity of every section of different height, which directly affects the cone crusher’s production capacity.
Solving methods:
According to the above problems, we can use dual-metal composite material instead of the single high-manganese steel. Dual-metal composite material can prolong the service life of the liner. At the same time, improve the shape of the crusher’s cavity according to the material’s lamination principle. Such innovation can increase the crushing ration and improve its production capacity.

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