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How to Do the Operation and Maintenance of Efficient Enrichment Machine?

Sep 11 2015

Efficient enrichment machine is not just the settling equipment, but also a dewatering equipment. In recent years, efficient enrichment machine has been widely used in mining areas. But some users after the purchase of equipment, can not use in the right approach of its operation and maintenance, so it is very easy to go wrong, and today we explore how to properly do operation and maintenance on the efficient enrichment machine.

Operation points:
1. Firstly, before feed we must ensure efficient enrichment machine has been running smoothly, it is important, if not at the exact time of feeding, likely to cause operation of the equipment is not smooth, and the device prone to failure.
2. If you want to start the device has been shut down for a long time, then you need to make sure to turn on the device after a fault-free.
3. Make sure the foreign body not fall into the equipment, especially some maintenance tools, equipment and so on.
4. Stopped feeding before downtime, pending completion of the internal dehydration of all materials and then stop the device.
1. Parts of the equipment need to conduct weekly checks, check the wear condition of wearing parts, joints and shock circuit is good or not, check the fasteners are loosened or not, check whether there is oil leaking pipeline and the oil is smooth or not.
2. Periodically check lubrication of lubrication points.
3. Check the equipment operating conditions, is functioning smoothly or not, conveyor bearing is overheating or not, if special circumstances occur during the operation, should be promptly identified and timely treatment.
4. Maintain clean equipment and hydraulic systems, if find unusual circumstances timely treat them.

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