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"Trilogy" of Purchasing Flotation Production Equipment

Sep 11 2015

Flotation production line generally consists of jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, flotation machine, concentrator, dryer and other major equipment, its auxiliary equipment are elevator and conveyor, etc. Recently, due to the improved of flotation process, its installation and operation are widely concerned. The following is "trilogy" to buy flotation production line equipment.

1. One - site visits

Generally we recommend users visit manufacturer factory after reasonable plan when purchase flotation production line equipment. Not only refers to the equipment availability inspection, but also manufacturers strength and production workshops, purchases from professional manufacturers as possible.

2. " Two" - machine test

Before determining the purchase, user need to test flotation test machine production line equipment, and determine whether the production line can meet your requirement according to actual production requirements. If necessary, listen to suggest of professional people or visit other users production scene provided by the manufacturer, think carefully.

3. "Three" - Audit Contract

The contract is an important safeguard to consumer interests, the user must carefully review the contract, to prevent some manufacturers using the formal contract detail cheat disguised. For example, make sure if all small auxiliary device flotation production in the proposed contract price, or whether unclear expression, especially for auxiliary section.

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