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Why Does Pendulum Feeder in Good Use?

Sep 11 2015

Pendulum Feeder is a feeding device, mainly responsible for sending the material from the storage silo or other storage device to feeding equipment in quantitative and uniform supply, widely used in mining operations. Praised by majority of users, then why is pendulum feeder so useful? what advantages it has?

1. Simple structure, reliable operation

Pendulum feeder structure is very simple, and reliable operation, good performance, less fault. Even if any problem, it is easy to solve. Maintenance is very convenient, a special closed structure can effectively prevent dust pollution, which will help the user avoid a lot of troubles, and save many maintenance costs.

2. Convenient feeding control

Pendulum feeder controls feeding by adjusting exciting force, and regulation of the exciting force is very convenient and flexible, it can be adjusted and controlled at any time, stable and reliable performance, high efficiency. At the same time, guarantees the quality of finished product.

3.High excitation source efficiency

Pendulum Feeder excitation source is a vibration motor which is low noise at work and do not cause noise pollution. On the one hand, to create a better working environment; on the other hand, low energy consumption, and does not occur material clashing phenomenon. To some extent, provides a guarantee for the smooth operation of the machine.

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