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How to Improve Sorting Quality of Permanent Magnetic Separator Machine?

Sep 11 2015

Permanent magnetic separator can work without excitation system and cooling system, widely used in magnetite, pyrrhotite and non-metallic ore and other iron ore sorting work; with small size, light weight, maintenance convenient, simple structure, is an energy efficient iron removal equipment. Materials quality selected by permanent magnetic separator machine is affected by many factors, the producers can achieve the purpose of improving the sorting quality through impacting these factors.

1. Suitable pulp density

Too large Pulp density will cause sorting concentration is too high, which will have a great impact on concentrate’s quality, resulting in lower dressing; on the contrary, increasing the flow rate, shortening sorting time, and resulting in the concentrate mine loss.

2. Appropriate cylinder speed

Low cylinder speed will cause the too low yield; otherwise ore grain will suffered excessive centrifugal force which causing magnetic double function of ore grain greatly increased in the unit time, and resulting in lower left rear recovery.

3. Accurate work gap

Work gap refers to the distance between the skin and the bottom tube magnetic separator, too large gap will cause the tailing mine ran black, resulting in lower recoveries; if the working gap is too small, concentrate mine taste will reduced.

4. Correct magnetic declination system

Magnetic system angle refers to the magnetic system centerline plumb line deviation angle, the normal value of magnetic system angle is 15~20°, the recovery ratio will be reduced if the magnetic declination is too large; otherwise it will lead to tailing mine taste increased, which leads to the full tank phenomenon.

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