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Proposal for You to Purchase Efficient Sand Washing Machine

Sep 11 2015
 Sand washing machine is a common device in mining industry, mainly used for various types natural sand and artificial sand cleaning, widely used. However, if the sand washing machine is not up to standard performance, not only can not be a good processing for sand and gravel, but even brings harm and fault. Therefore, how to buy a high efficiency sand washing machine? This paper presents the following three points, only for reference.

The first step: well-known device performance and parameters

Get a complete knowledge of all performance and parameters of sand washing machine when purchases, such as washing machine’s wash sand traps, sand washing mesh material; material withstand strength of extrusion and flip, material size; speed; using technology, electronic technology and safety devices. Especially for the weight of sand washing machine, because the devices are made of high wear resistant steel material, the more higher amounts of steel, the more higher durability.

The second step: price comparison, obtaining the performance ratio

Many manufacturers produce sand washing machine, the price is also varies. Users need to compare many goods together to find the appropriate price machine after determining model and specifications, For large machines, after-sales service (three bags) is particularly important, not to aimlessly seek cheap machine. You should find the high performance ratio sand washing machine and choose quality and service guaranteed manufacturers.

The third step: careful inspection to ensure the arrival machine’s quality

Inspect and test machine presently or after arriving you place when purchasing and paying, to avoid the defective and damage phenomenon. Do it of the whole machine, from inside to outside, such as if washing sand pool has pinhole defects; connecting parts are tight or not; the operation button is flexible and so on. After the whole check and correct, and then purchase, delivery.

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