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Avoiding "price trap" When Purchase Magnesium Rotary Kiln

Sep 11 2015

Magnesium rotary kiln equipment consists of rotary cylinder, supporting device, head kiln, kiln seals, coal injection tube devices and other components, producing stably and reliably. Here some brief "price trap" introduction the user may encountered when purchases.

1. False discount

False discount refers to some metallic magnesium rotary kiln manufacturer usually sale in the name of discount, but in fact it no different from the previous price, even more higher. For example, a large discount on holidays, but in fact its also preferential prices.

2. The price quote is not a full set equipment

Some users may find the same specifications metal magnesium rotary kiln are much lower than other manufacturers offere in the purchase of metal magnesium rotary kiln, but the devices is new and no quality problem after visiting scene, why is there such a "good thing" ? In fact, these manufacturers just want tempt users appetite and attract their interest at the beginning, then explain the price will only includes main equipment, not auxiliary equipment. Which make a illusion to users, causing users to believe they have found a "value for money" metal magnesium rotary kiln, in fact that not true.

Finally, Fote magnesium magnesium rotary kiln manufacturer remind users do not readily believe in propaganda and be fooled by low prices when purchases such large equipment.

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