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Maintenance of the Jaw Crusher's Jaw Plate

Jun 20 2014

Jaw plate is a wear part of jaw crusher. It includes the fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. Because the working conditions of jaw crusher is very bad, Jaw plate subjects plastic deformation wear and cutting wear during operating. Therefore, the wear of jaw plate is very bad. In order to reduce its wear and improve its operating efficiency, we should pay more attention to the daily maintenance of the jaw plate. This article I will introduce you the maintainance of jaw crusher's jaw plate in order to improve its service life.

1. Inspect the jaw plate regularly. If you find that the jaw plate is badly worn or the front jaw plate is broken, you should repair it immediately. Take out the worn or broken jaw plate, and check the toggle plate that is above the movable jaw and the connecting rod to see whether it is damaged or not. To the worn jaw plate, you can make its teeth restoration by bead weld.
2. Casually test the materials during operation. Test every batch of materials that enter into the machine. If you find that the characteristics of the materials are changed too much, adjust the main parameters of the crusher immediately. The main parameters are clamp angle, eccentric shaft speed, output, motor power and so on. Adjust the parameters to adapt the materials that enter into the crusher, so can reduce the wear of the jaw plate.
3. Ensure the jaw plate is tight when you install it. The new jaw plate must be fasten tightly on the crusher, and ensure that the surface of jaw plate can contact with the machine (the movable jaw and fixed jaw) stably. You can pad some materials whose plasticity is good between the two surfaces, such as, stereotype, plywood, cement mortar and so on. When you install the movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate, you must ensure that the tooth peak of one plate is aligned to the tooth space of another plate. That is to say, the movable jaw plate and fixed jaw plate are basically in a engaged state.

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