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Pellet Size Adjustment of Jaw crusher production line

Sep 11 2015

The pellet size can be adjusted according to the users needs in the crushing production of jaw crusher production line, very flexible, in order to meet the users needs of different materials crushing Fote machinery summarizes several ways to adjust jaw crusher production line’s discharge size based on production experience as follows.

1. Wedge adjustment

Wedge adjustment refers to achieve the discharge mouth adjustment with the help of two wedges relative movement between the thrust plate seat back and the jaw crusher rear wall. The operator rotating the nut to make wedge do upward or downward movement along the back wall, driving front wedge to move forward or backward, so that putting the thrust plate or the movable jaw to reach the port discharge adjustment.

2. Shim adjustment

Such methods are relatively simple, operator can directly put or take a group of equivalent thickness shim between the rear seat and the thrust plate rack wall. Increase or reduce the ore jaw crusher discharge mouth size by the number of shims layers.

3. Technical adjustment

This method is mainly for the operator, it is a technique control. In practice, there are the two methods more commonly used, first is hydraulic adjustment, install hydraulic push cylinders to adjust the discharge port; the second is to adjust the safety device, regulate and control access materials by using thrust plate as the crusher safety device, both reliable safe and easy to exclude fault.

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