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What is the Basic Flotation Process of Flotation Machine?

Sep 12 2015

Flotation machine is suitable for non-ferrous metals and non-metallic black coal fluorite, talc sorting, work efficiency is very high, and the election out of the product quality is also high, so its applications is widely. In order to fully understand the flotation machine, let's look at its basic flotation process.

1. Adjust the pulp and added flotation reagent
In order to make some of the mineral particles adhere to the air bubbles, so some not, it is necessary to change the wet ability of the mineral surface to selectively adjust the mineral surface, but in order to selectively adjust the mineral surface, it is necessary to adjust the slurry and adding flotation reagents.
2. Generating a large number of bubbles
The inflatable agitation of flotation machine enables pulp air dispersion to form a lot of bubbles, inflatable agitation flotation machine also allows air dissolved in the pulp precipitated the formation of some microbubbles surface, this process is very important step in floating process.
3. The bubble mineralization
The essential flotation behavior is mineral particles adhering to the bubble choice, basic flotation beneficiation process is after the minerals are different wettability. A mineral floatability can learn some mineral easy to float, and some difficult floated mineral flotation is the use of different mineral buoyancy as the basic principle of different sorting minerals.


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