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Several Considerations in Choosing High Pressure Grinding Mill

Sep 12 2015

High Pressure Grinding Mill is suitable for grinding Mohs hardness of not greater than 9.3, the non-flammable materials which its humidity is below 6%, these materials such as quartz, feldspar, calcite and so on. When purchasing a high pressure grinding mill, we have a lot of problems that need attention, let us have a look together.

1. Quality
Many users in the purchase of high pressure mill, often take the price as the first consideration, in fact, this is wrong, because the low price of high pressure grinding mill often have worse quality, resulting in performance is not reliable, Therefore, the purchase is not only cheaper, the most important is to see the quality, although higher quality means higher prices, but high quality products can generate more economic benefits, to achieve production targets.
2. After-sale service
Aftermarket products increasingly become the focus of attention, especially as the high pressure grinding mill which the consumption is quick in using, so the after-sale service is very important. Generally well-known manufacturers of after-sales service is more secure which can avoid a lot of trouble for users subsequent use, saving maintenance costs, bring more economic benefits.
3. Production requirements
   Users to purchase high pressure grinding mill performance must be consistent with their production requirements, and different industries have different requirement on the production condition of the equipment, such as different product size requirements, different demand and different processing production line configuration and so on.

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