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The Dust Coup of Industrial Rotary Kiln

Sep 12 2015

Industrial rotary kiln belonging to the building materials equipment category, for a variety of materials are calcined without it. Industrial rotary kiln has the features of reliable, large capacity, high production efficiency, which won the praise of many users. But during the operation, inevitably contaminated dust or oil and to some extent it will has an impact on the production efficiency of the device to this end. The following is detailed industrial rotary kiln dust coup.

1. Using high-pressure water gun method
This method is in using of water at high temperature and pressure state, and then use high-pressure water gun to the inner wall of the kiln knot intradermal injection, and thus will have a huge impact, high-temperature materials in the vaporization of water suddenly produced a strong explosion hit the whole part of the material is shock and collapse, eventually crust removed, to clean up the industrial rotary kiln preheater system blockage and skinning effect.
2. Using vibration method
 Sometimes a larger industrial rotary kiln dust particles inside the bag, which can take high-speed vibration to deal effectively without affecting other parts.
3. Washed with clean material
This refers to selecting the appropriate washing material, remember with the right, but also the use of low-temperature water with clean and maintain uniform cement etc., so that the greatest degree of reduced damage.
4. Using high-temperature drying method
This method should control temperature to make it within a certain range, so that both can be dried using hot air, it will not deform.

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