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Why People Lavish Praise On Lignite Dryer?

Sep 12 2015

 Lignite is a coal rank lowest of mineral coal because of its moisture, high volatile components, often be used in the production of coal, lignite dryer as the primary drying equipment for lignite, it has the features of smooth operation, strong production capacity, it made “great achievements” in the coal industry that won the praise of many users, then why it is so popular among customers, the following will give a illustration from 5 aspects take the lignite dryer of Fote Machinery as example.

1. Judging from the advanced structures and equipment
  Lignite dryer using the new internal structure, and strengthen the cleaning and heat conduction of the dispersed material, and has a strong adaptability to material moisture and sticky; the use of “self-aligning roller-type device”, and greatly reduce the wear and power loss.
2. Judging from easy operation of the device
A high degree of system integration, and is equipped with automatic intelligent control system; the system is running automatically control and adjust the parameters for automatic acquisition, fault alarm and safety interlock protection; high degree of automation, simple manipulation.
3. Judging from the investment return of the device 
Since lignite dryer cost-effective, low operating costs, so low investment costs, but the recovery period is short of capital, which are dependent on the good performance of the equipment and the reasonable price.
4. Looking from the device handle results
After drying, the lignite does not get damp water which is beneficial to long-distance transport; drying effect is amazing, because the heat exchange sufficiently, so the equipment has strong drying ability and high yield disposable power.
5. Judging from the device energy-saving ability
Due to the use of pulverized lignite dryer burnout rate is up to 99% of the pulverized coal stove as a heat source, so the heat efficiency is high, low heat loss; during operation, the appropriate speed so that the device saves power.

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