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Category of Drum Dryer Inside Lifting Plate

Sep 12 2015

Drum dryer is a widely used industrial drying equipment, mainly used in metal clay and coal industry, part of the non-metallic and cement industries slime and so on. Drum dryer has the features of high efficiency, high output, reasonable structure and easy operation and so on. Drum dryer lifting board is to increase the uniform distribution of materials, generally have the following types.

1. The formula lifting plate
When the bulk material as well as easy adhesion to the drying cylinder wall material go into the machine for drying, you need to use formula lifting plate, it can minimize the occurrence of this phenomenon.
2. Four format lifting plate
Four format lifting plate divided the drum into four lattice, forming a fan-shaped work chambers mutually unintelligible, four grid lifting board suitable for large density, not brittle and difficult to disperse the material.
3. A cross lifting palate
Cross lifting plate can also be called a cross-shaped frame lifting plate, which enables brittle and easily dispersed uniformly distributed small pieces of material on the cylinder surface.
4. Sleeve lifting plate
The sleeve board is specifically for duplex heat transfer drum dryer, because it combined with the double heat transfer performance of the dryer.
5. Sub- format lifting palate
Lifting plate of sub-format is suit for smaller particles materials which can effectively reduce the possibility of dry material to be taken away.
Different types of lifting plate is suit for different dryer, only the correct using of it can achieve the best production results.

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