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Factors that affect rotary dryer production efficiency

Jun 30 2014

1.The moisture content of the raw materials to be dried.

One of the most important factors influence the dryer drying effect is the moisture content of the raw materials to be dried. For raw materials of particularly high moisture content , they are difficult to be dried fully through once drying . Therefore, the materials after drying will be moist and can not meet the production requirements. For example, the boiler heats water to form water vapor and the water vapor heats the drying medium through the radiator, which is two indirect heating. Overall thermal efficiency of this approach is very low, only around 40%.The hot air of indirect heating is very clean, and the thermal efficiency is 60 ~ 70%.

2.The heat source of the dryer

The choice of heat source is also very important for the dryer, according to the fuel of the dryer; they are usually divided into coal and oil gas power, etc. The heat source of the dryer can be divided into the medium directly heating and indirectly heating drying according to heat transfer condition. And direct heating affects the product quality because of the smoke and dust pollution, but the thermal energy is used sufficiently and the thermal efficiency is very high. When the dryer has no effect for drying materials with a small amount of smoke, direct heating can be preferred.

3. Combustion chamber

That the drying efficiency of the dryer is high or low depends on whether the combustion chamber is good or not to a large extent. Therefore, in the process of the dryer operation, you must pay special attention to the combustion chamber, blower and dust removal dust collection equipment.

4. Ambient temperature and relative humidity

It mainly refers to that the change of the weather influences drying here.The atmospheric heating is treated as drying medium for general dryer equipment , the higher the atmospheric temperature is, the lower the humidity is ,and it is more conducive to dry. The southern spring and summer is rainy and humid, and the air humidity is very large, which is not conducive for dryer to give full play to its ability affecting the production seriously .The above three aspects are the major problems affecting the efficiency of the dryer, of course it is not to say that there are only these three problems.

If we really want to increase the production of dryer, we must understand the dryer thoroughly from various aspects, and carry on comprehensive, coordinated and comprehensive management. So, we can increase the production of dryers.

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