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What Are the Main Components of Air-Swept Coal Mill?

Sep 12 2015

Air-swept coal mill is the main production facilities in cement plant’s, its main role is drying and grinding coal powder, fine powder with hot air after passing through a cyclone dust collector separately. In recent years, air-swept coal mill has been widely used, and has features of reliability, large capacity, high efficiency, easy maintenance and so on. So, what the main components of such a high efficient equipment?

1. Feeding device
Air-swept coal mill’s feeders is formed by the feed tube, the duct, frame, chassis, explosion valves and other components, the feed device is the way that material go inside to grind.
2. Main bearing
Air-swept coal mill’s main bearings compose the spherical bush, bearing and bearing cap and other components, main bearings for supporting the rotary part, and the wind swept coal mill at the feed end of the main bearing and the hollow shaft may be swimming in the gap left.
3. Turning part
Turning part is made by the drying ovens, grinding warehouses and other components. Turning part of the Air-swept coal mill is the main body portion and the rotary portion also bear the drying and grinding materials.
4. Transmission parts
Air-swept coal mill’s transmission parts formed by gear portion and 900KW edge transmission device, using an elastic block coupling connection of main motor and reducer.
5. Discharging device
Discharging device relies on the action of wind out of the material, so it is mainly used for the material and the wind. A discharging device with the use of adjusted between air-swept coal mill cylinder seal block structure.
6. Lubrication device of the main bearing
The normal operation of air-swept coal mill can not separate with the main bearing lubrication device, and the air-swept coal mill’s main bearing lubrication device uses a high and low pressure lubrication system, the system is composed of high and low start up lubrication oil station and pipeline system.

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