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Why is Roll Crusher so Excellent?

Sep 12 2015

Roll Crusher adopts advanced structure and high crushing form, with the characteristics of simple structure, easy maintenance and safe and reliable operation. Praised unanimously by majority of users at the beginning, then why does it attract clients?

1. Double function---screening and crushing

The relative motion between two teethed rollers is like a rotating grate, which can initially screen materials, thereby greatly reducing the excessive fragmentation rate and energy consumption. And they do different speed operation which helps get better shear and tensile crushing effect. Because of non equal-round, non-engagement, non-constant speed operation features between the other two toothed rolls, it makes more excellent crushing effect, and rarely clogging.

2. Double overload protection

Limit filling hydraulic coupling and movable jaw buffer protect equipment operation, limit filling hydraulic coupling can effectively absorb the impact force generated when crushing to keep the machine running smoothly, and guarantee the whole machine security, when the device is stuck or internal overload, fluid coupling power transmission is automatically cut off, and thus the motor and large, small Roll be protected.

3. Flexible assembly, reasonable structure

Equipped with a roll crusher tooth ring gear, gear ring inlaid with sets of teeth and bolted, so the maintenance is more convenient and efficient. When Roll wear seriously, only need to replace individually. Roll Crusher crushing tooth adopts special spiral arrangement which conducive to large pieces of broken material, while taking advantage of the dual role of roll and body lining and jaw crushing realize material crushed, which can greatly reduces the workload of the tooth to improve the work efficiency and makes the life expectancy greatly extended.

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