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Structure Characteristics of Flotation Machine

Sep 12 2015
 With China's increasing beneficiation scale, the study of flotation machine by Chinese scholars are constantly going deep, flotation machine has a more comprehensive structure property till now. And its production is more efficient, greatly promotes the development of the mining industry, with the lack of energy resources, flotation machine is constantly enhancing energy-saving function.

1. Slurry tank

Slurry tank of flotation machine is mainly composed of the tank and the gate, the tank is made of welded steel plate, the gate is welded together by round steel, well-structure and efficient operation.

2. Stirring device

Stirring device is designed for mixing ore pub to prevent occurring sedimentation phenomenon in the tank, the stirring device consists of a pulley, the impeller and the vertical axis common components.

3. Inflation device

Inflation device was consists of tube and intake-tube, when the impeller rotates, the impeller chamber will produce negative pressure and suck air and form bubbles which eventually generate a large number of microbubbles, and it is a necessary part of the flotation process.

4. Mineral laden bubble output device

Mineral laden bubble device of flotation machine is mainly driven by motor reducer device, and then form by the reducer driving a blade, the main role is to float on the surface of the foam tank scrapings. So that provides flotation machine with a good production condition.

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