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Why Does High-strength Mill Attract More and More People to Purchase?

Sep 12 2015
 High-strength mill is a new milling equipment produced by Fote Machinery, it attracts much attention since appears. And it also opens up a new way for the development of mill equipment, it adopts new processing and technology in performance and structure. Why does high-strength mill have such widespread attention? Summarize reason in the following.

1. Production structure systematization

High-strength mill uses a three-dimensional structure, smaller footprint, save the plant space, and high-strength mill has a strong complete set, systematic is also strong, it can form a independent from the block to finished powder.

2. Small pellet size

The thickest pellet size produced by high-strength mill can up to 30 mesh, the smallest up to 1,000 mesh, which can meet different production requirements of users, but also very easy to adjust the size; making the production becomes more efficient , more humane.

3. Less environment pollution

Environment protecting is a development guideline of modern industry production, but in fact, industry pollution of the environment is still very serious, but high-strength mill pollution has less pollution. Its dust removal effect is pretty good and fully comply country dust emission standards, effectively protecting the production and living environment.

4.Good sealing performance

High-strength mill’s grinding apparatus is used in multi-level seal overlapping form, the device can effectively seal the processing of grinding mill, effectively avoiding debris getting into the mill in the grinding process and impacting grinding quality.

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