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What are the Announcements of Purchasing Jaw Crusher?

Sep 12 2015

With the wide jaw crusher application, its manufacturers are gradually increased, and increasing the cost of the user's machine selection at certain extent. So effective selection methods needed to help users distinguish the quality of jaw crusher, the following are several simple methods.

1. Jaw and fixed jaw quality

Moving jaw and fixed jaw is the main broken parts of jaw crusher, and also the whole machine’s core component. There will be materials can not crushed effectively if the jaw and fixed jaw quality too poor when crushing hard materials, even moving and fixed jaw damaged or fractured. Therefore, in the purchase of jaw crusher, pay more attention to jaw and fixed jaw quality.

2. Production Technology

A jaw crusher containing technology is an important reference of the device overall performance level. When buying jaw crusher, we can understand that the production technology equipment from the description or salesman, such as some hydraulic technology to adjust feeding or discharge port; security over iron device; intelligent electronic technology; meter operation automatic lubrication system and so on.

3. Parts source

Some jaw crusher manufacturers purchase parts from other manufacturers, such crushers have a lot of trouble when uses. It is recommended that users buy directly from the manufacturer, one there will be a product quality and after-sale protection; two producing is safe and secure, and easy to maintain.

In addition to the above three points, you need to pay attention to see some details in the purchase of jaw crusher, such as whether jaw crusher’s connection is loose, whether the body falls off and rust of the iron sheet surface, and so on.

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