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Maintenance Experience of Gangue Crusher Parts

Sep 12 2015
 In gangue crusher operation, except for mastering a number of operation skills, equipment repair is also necessary. Operation staff should grip some basic maintenance knowledge, especially some wearing parts damage repair, to facilitate the emergencies. The following is some maintenance experience for gangue crusher.

1. Hammer maintenance

Hammer is a wearing part of the gangue crusher, when there is hammer problem needed to repair or replace, firstly, maintaining the balance of the rotor, because the total weight of each row hammer shaft hammer should correspond to the total rotor weight. And the total deviation is not too large, single hammer weight deviation keeps no more than 0.5 kg. If the hammer wear occurs on one side, the other side can continue to use, but if both sides have suffered severe wear, it should be replaced immediately.

2. The discharge port maintenance

The discharge opening is key components to control product size. In the discharge process, if there is any material discharge poor, or crushed fine material in the cavity repeatedly crushed and can not output, and too large load phenomenon, do minor repairs, we recommend that removing the bottom liner in the discharge port abdomen direction and increasing the discharge opening width.

3. Liner maintenance

Gangue crusher’s liner is the part which assists other parts to crushing, is fixed to the chassis backplane and wedge bolts. When there is breaking or falling off and so, it is recommended to select the welding process to maintenance, really durability. However, if the lining is damaged severely, replace it immediately.

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