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Ways of Ball Mill Manufacturers Cutting Metal

Sep 12 2015
 Manufacturing materials of ball mill mostly is metal, its cylinder is made of steel. In a ball mill manufacturing process, the process which cutting down the number of materials marked from metal material called cutting. In general, metal cutting method includes mechanical cutting, gas flame cutting and plasma arc cutting, work principle are different. However, the metal cutting should have a high efficiency, manufacturers can select ways to cutting metal according to specific circumstances.

1. Mechanical cutting

Metallic material includes the cutting using shears, presses, circular shearing machine, punching and shearing machine, and sawing, etc, and the most widely used is shearing machine. In order to improve the cutting quality and reduce shear forces, adopting pure shear as possible in the shearing process, the gap between the two scissors typically is 0.5 to 0.6 millimeters or less, requiring incision perpendicular to the sheet surface.

2. Gas flame cutting

Gas flame cutting is also called gas cutting, its main principle is to use a flame to heat to the metal melting point of the metal cutouts, then metal is burned in pure oxygen through the high pressure;finally forming slag, blowing away from the incision to achieve the metal cutting and separation. Gas flame cutting with the characteristic of high efficiency, economical and practical, practical and easy to easy.

3. Plasma arc cutting

Plasma arc cutting is using high-temperature plasma arc cutting metal material stream, it can cut stainless steel, non-ferrous metals and generally can not cut by gas cutting material. Air plasma arc cutting is economic and practical, widely used, it can be used to cut a variety of metal materials.

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