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The Future Direction of Three-rings and Medium Speed Micro Powder Grinder

Sep 12 2015

Three-rings and medium speed micro powder grinder is a fine and superfine powder processing equipment, mainly used for the hard, low hardness materials for ultra-fine powder processing, has high efficiency, low energy consumption, easy operation and easy maintenance, etc. It has been widely used in the production practice, and has a broad development prospect.The following is the development direction.

1. More and more stable capacity and quality

Equalization is always an important production and development concept, so equipment capacity and quality should be more stable to guarantee quantification production and quality production. So three-rings and medium speed micro powder grinder should remain stable yield and quality, so as to achieve stable development.

2.More and more smaller pellet size

Three-rings and medium speed micro powder grinder’s output material should be getting smaller, because the user’s increasingly high demand for the product granularity, only this can meet the diverse needs of users, but create a broader space for development.

3.More and more lighter wearing parts

Wearing parts of three-rings and medium speed micro powder grinder should be getting lower and lower, developing a new wear-resistant type material, this will better improve the equipment life, to create greater efficiency for users.

4. Improving automation

Automation is the future direction of many mechanical devices, it meets the growing requirements of a fast life pace, is also consistent with people's pursuit of high efficiency. So this is the development direction of three-rings and medium speed micro powder grinder.

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