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How to Prevent Foreign Matter Getting into Coal Flow System of Belt Conveyor ?

Sep 12 2015
  Mine belt conveyor is mainly used for transporting materials, and mainly consists of rack, conveyor belt, roller, tensioning devices, transmission and other components. There will be some foreign matter in coal flow system during belt conveyor operation due to a variety of causes, affecting the normal production activities and equipment service life, then how can we prevent foreign matter getting into belt conveyor’s coal flow system?

1.Preventing manipulation tools out of place

During the construction of the coal flow system, prohibit the operator misplacing tools, especially some manipulation tools, it should regularly checked by dedicated staff, specially inspect coal chute, the bunker above.

2. Closed management

Implementing closed management of the belt conveyor system, prohibit non-staff getting into the construction site and toughing belt conveyor system, in order to avoid foreign body accidentally fall into the tape.

3. Iron-free

anti-shedding measures on easy to fall off parts of coal flow system to realize iron-free management of dangerous parts, and re-processing and modifying materials which may scratch or tear belt conveyor. On the other hand, you can install the appropriate parts of the iron removal device.

4. Changing the coal dropping way

Because coal flow is directly send into the coal chute and district bunker, so it should equip landslide road on coal Chute, district bunker, to avoid this phenomenon.

5. Improve belt conveyor

To protect the belt conveyor from the foreign body injuries, the most fundamental is to improve belt conveyor, its transformation material, performance and other aspects.

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