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Determining Factors of dryer machine Price

Jun 30 2014

The market demand on the dryer machine is bigger and bigger, so is the number of dryer machine manufactures .However,when customers consult the price of the dryer machine,they find that the price of different enterprises is various trmendously,why?What are the factors that influence the market price of the dryer machine on earth?

Fristly,cost of dryer machine

Cost is the minimum limit when formulating the price.Cost depends on the price of all kinds of raw materials,such as the steel,bearing,etc.The fluctuation of these raw materials is a direct and the most improtant reason for the big fluctuation of the dryer machine price.In addition,the research and development fees affect the dryer machine price as well.

Secondly,market demand on dryer machine

Under the condition of the market economy macro-controled by the country,the market demand affects the fluctuation of the dryer machine price.When the market thrives,the contradiction betwween supply and demand stands out,pushing the dryer machine price rise.On the contrary,the dryer machine price falls with it.

Thirdly,type of dryer machine

 Each kind of dryer machine can be devided into different types.Different size of the type leads to the difference in raw materials it uses,so the preices are not the same completely.We commonly see three-drum dryer, tower dryer,horizontal dryer,etc. Their price varous tremendously besause their types and application are different.

Fourthly,brand and quality of dryer machine

It is the same thing in the dryer machine market that it takes more time,energy and money to set up a prffetional brand and take down the top market.Most of the dryer machine produced by the enterprise with good brand reputation owns a guaranteed quality.They have advanced producing management and technology.The reliable performance,quality,and after-sale service affect the dryer machine price greatly.Besides,freight and the added-value tax caused by the region have some effects on the price to some degree as well.

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