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Influencing Factors of Sand Washer Price Fluctuation

Sep 12 2015

Sand washer is a indispensable equipment in sand industry, either artificial sand or natural sand making. There are more and more sand washers in the market, its price have been fluctuated all the time. The following are some factors of sand washing machine price fluctuation.

1. Supply and demand relation

In the economic field, price will down in a buyer's market, that is oversupply; in a seller's market, short supply, price will rise. Sand washer price also affected by supply and demand relation, and changing with supply and demand change.

2. Market competition

Engels said, "commodity production’s value law can only implemented by competition fluctuations”. Of course, sand washer price is formed in the market competition, when similar sand washer sales at low price, in order to gain a firm foothold in the fierce competition, other manufacturers will correspondingly reduce the price, and even drive the whole sand washer industry commodity prices decreased.

3. Relative commodity

Sand washer generally used as a part of sand production line, its price will be affected by other devices of sand production line. When the crusher, screening machines, conveyors and other equipment prices fall, washer prices will be reduced correspondingly; on the contrary, it will be increased. Only this can manufacturer occupy in a larger initiative in the fierce market competition and recognized and accepted by more consumers, for users, it is a good buying opportunity.

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