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Impact Crusher making sand’s Three Advantages Than Natural Sand

Sep 14 2015

Impact crusher (sand making machine) is an intelligent and efficient crushing and sand making equipment, which process ore into small chunks of sand state, its application is very widely. Since the impact crusher can move at any time, convenient to make sand, a system of sand has widely replaced natural sand and has a very good results. Next we will tell you the three advantages of impact crusher sand’s than the natural sand.

1. Easy to control the particle size
When Impact crusher breaks the ore, we can simply adjust the discharge port of the device to control the sand grain size. While natural sand is a natural growth from the days of the formation of extremely uneven size, even after processing, is very difficult, resulting in a large sand grain size becomes small, and small sand powder phenomenon occurs, uneven. At this point the output of impact crusher is higher than the natural sand.
2. A wide using range
Because of the large amount of natural sand mining, resulting in partial collapse of part of the land, the state has made clear that non-industry-specific, non-use of natural sand or excessive exploitation, their range is limited, the area is minimal. However, there is no limitation on the sand making machine, plus the impact crusher can break various types of ore, rocks processed and used in underground construction, roads, railways, metallurgy, chemical industry and many other industries. Thus, the output of impact crusher has a wide range than natural sand.
3. User awareness, popularity
According to statistics, users give more recognition on impact crusher than natural sands during the survey. Because for the artificial sand, its particle size is easy to control; sand quality requirements can set according to the actual situation; cleanliness is high; and there is no exploitation of the production constraints achieving the unlimited use.

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