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Why Slag Ball Mill Becomes the Model of the Grinding Machine?

Sep 14 2015

Slag ball mill is a world wide range of devices, it has the features of high grinding efficiency, diversification of production, stable operation and so on. Also it has been named “model” among a number of grinding equipment. The following is a description of slag ball mill equipment-why it becomes “model” machine among the grinding circles.

1. Continuous operation
Slag ball mill is a grinding equipment which can work continuously for 22 hours a day that greatly meeting many manufacturers needs of continuous production and can increase production. Other grinding equipment can not compared. Therefore, slag ball mill became one of the ideal processing equipment for many companies, but also an example for other grinding equipment to learn.
2. Significant energy saving
Rolling of slag ball mill replace its plain bearings thus greatly reducing the friction, easy to start, and has a significantly energy saving effect; at the same time, the use of wave-like annular liner, increasing the ball, the contact surface of the mine, improving the abrasive action, enhancing the capacity of the ore and reducing energy consumption.

3. Automatic lubrication
Conventional grinding equipment lubrication is artificial filling which is easily leading to untimely lubricating or inappropriate amount of lubricating oil may cause failure. The slag ball mill has automatic lubrication, which can effectively detect insufficient lubricant or other problems, and then promptly to reasonable lubricate components, overcome the untimely lubrication, excessive lubrication and other defects.

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