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The Structural Characteristics of the High-Frequency Screen

Sep 14 2015

High-frequency screen is widely used in building materials, chemicals, food, liquid filtration equipment and many other fields of screening, it is more efficient than conventional screening tools. There are two frequency screen produced kinetic energy ways, one is common motor driven exciter, the other is the high-speed rotation of the vibration motor vibration to complete the work, which is why high-frequency screen so popular, then, let us take a detail look at what kind of frequency screen structural performance.

1. The new design concept
High frequency screen uses a new design concept, it has a more efficient work performance; high-frequency screen uses a new and efficient screen surface, which is formed by three flexible screen surface. Sieve generally used nylon or stainless steel.
2. The computer controls vibration parameters
High-frequency vibration parameters are adjusted via computer screen control, it is more convenient and efficient, and vibration parameters of each vibrator can be adjusted individually. More high-frequency screen is provided with a special design on its instantaneous strong vibration control function, you can set the parameters related to strong vibration, it can effectively clean up the timing screen surface to prevent clogging phenomenon.

3. User-friendly configuration screen machines
High frequency’s sieve machine can configure different types of cabinet according to different requirements of users, so we can achieve the parameters set multiple functions of remote centralized control, history, and fault alarm.
4. A more efficient speed
Compared with the general screening tool, high frequency screen has the  twice speed of energy, more efficient operation, and has the advantages of high efficiency, low amplitude, high frequency and so on.

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