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Advantages of Titanium Dioxide Rotary Kiln

Sep 14 2015

Titanium dioxide is considered to be the world’s best performance white pigment which has small density, good thermal stability, and is widely used in paint, plastics, paper and daily cosmetics industry. Therefore, our country has become the world’s largest consumer of titanium dioxide countries. The titanium dioxide rotary kiln is the main ingredient for dehydration and calcining process equipment, in recent years due to the expansion of its market, it is popular by users. The following we will describe the advantages of titanium dioxide from five aspects.

1. The advanced system
Through technical innovation, titanium dioxide rotary kiln system uses the most advanced hydraulic thrust roller device, with high precision metering piston metering, high-precision control valve and contact graphite block sealing device and other advanced technologies.
2. Reasonable structure
Titanium dioxide rotary kiln has a simple structure, high unit volume, and advanced kiln seal equipment, which has good sealing equipment, and thus the production efficiency is guaranteed.
3. Efficient performance
Titanium dioxide rotary kiln has the features of high operation rate, high heat transfer efficiency, stable operation, large capacity, and affirmed production capacity, compared with the same equipment specifications, its operating rate increased by 10%, production increased by 5% -10%, heat consumption by 15%.
4. Scientific Automation
In order to increase the degree of automation, titanium dioxide rotary kiln introduce a new technology which includes the industrial TV watching fire kiln and process simulation screen. And the use of these new technologies making a strong intuitive sense, easy to learn, reliable, intuitive and easy to observe and improve the work efficiency, thus stabling the thermal system.
5. The longer service life
The long furnace life, automatic temperature control, secondary air waste heat utilization, thus the kiln has a long service life, and in favor of the long-term operation of the device.

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