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Why Gypsum Dryer Attract the User’s Attention?

Sep 14 2015

Gypsum dryer is one of many dryers, gypsum is mainly used as cement retarder, or exercise forming hemihydrate, for the manufacture of gypsum board, gypsum block, stucco plaster. In the current market a wide variety of circumstances dryer, gypsum dryer also attracted many people’s eyes, has been recognized by the majority of users. Below, we come to explain why gypsum dryer attract users.

1.A wide using range
Gypsum dryer’s using range is very wide, not only for hot air drying and granulation, it can also be cooled granulation, spray crystallization and spray the reaction and the like.
2. High product quality
The gypsum dryer produced spherical particles with uniform size, high purity, and its flowability and solubility is also very good.

3. Fast drying
Gypsum dryer, its drying speed is very fast, under normal circumstances need only ten seconds.
4. Less environmental pollution
Gypsum dryer in the drying process, no secondary dust pollution, and its emissions in line with national environmental requirements.
5. Independent research and development, reliable operation
Gypsum dryer is used our self-developed gypsum discharge, its performance has reached the level of similar foreign products, running more reliable and higher productivity.

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