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How to Rational Use the Ceramic Ball Mill

Sep 14 2015

Ceramic ball(Chinaware Ball Mill) is hot in recent years due to the high economic value, stable, good performance and production capacity. Users purchasing the device all want to use it the longer the better, of course, the fault is the fewer the better, the more successful the production process is better, then this is inseparable relationship with the rational use of ceramic ball mill. The following we will introduce how to proper use the ceramic ball mill from the run-in period and the normal condition.

1. Note that the device run-in period of the workload
Break-in period for the new ceramic ball, it is an important part, but also to the first considerations to enhance the service life of device. Some users in the use of initial use due to the lack of common sense, also, or tight schedule, ignore the new equipment running-in period of precautions, particularly in the run-in period should pay attention to the work load devices generally do not exceed 80% of the rated working load, the right amount is better to use the machine.

2. To prevent long high-load work
This refers to the device has been run-in period during maintenance. Some users may feel run-in period is over then make the machine without stopping working, with the fastest time to complete the work. In fact, it will cause the machine to overheat or other failures, leading to the production of intermittent, but prolonged period. Therefore, during normal use of ceramic ball mill, but also should pay attention to prevent the device from a high work load for a long time.
Of course, in addition to the above two aspects, users should also pay attention to the use of ceramic ball production equipment often view each instrument, to see whether there is a defect, the operator should also receive training on the machine configuration, then they can fully understand the performance, structure of the machine for the rational use of the machine escort.

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