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How to Deal With Magnetic Separator Faults?

Sep 14 2015

Magnetic separator is one of the most extensive and high versatile models in the industrial production, and applied to separate different magnetic materials. Magnetic Separator is widely used in mining, timber, ceramics, chemical, food and other industries. Today we introduce trouble solving of magnetic separator.

1. Abnormal sound and vibration

The reason: some large ore or other debris getting into magnetic separator, and they stuck the cylinder or damage the drum skin. Solution: firstly, stop operating, rushing water to the machine, taking out the barrier matters, and add shelter in the feeding area to prevent ore and debris.

2. Sudden increase in tailings grade

Under normal circumstances, the tailings grade is lower, if there is a sudden increase in tailings taste and has been high all the time, there may be a fault somewhere in magnetic separator. The reason: tank somewhere frayed badly loopholes, leading to a short circuit ore; Solution: patching vulnerabilities position timely.

3. Magnetic separator machine is overheating

The reason: bearing lubrication condition is not very good, bearings or the fan blade seriously wear, such as poor contact switch circuit; Solution: repair or replace bearings and fan blades, repair switch line.

4. Reducer is overheating

The reason: poor lubrication or badly worn gear; Solutions: improving lubrication, repair worn parts timely, replace gears and other parts if necessary.

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