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How to do When Jaw Crusher Damaged? --- Repair or Purchase?

Sep 14 2015

Jaw crusher is the main equipment in the mining industry, all functions are very mature. But it will damage after long-term use, then how to do? Just repair the damage part or give up it buy a new one? The following is some simple explanation:

1. Maintenance: machine damage rate does not exceed 30%

When appearing bad wear or fracture phenomena, but the rate less than 30%, you can just repair. But take care to professional and technical person must be at present, and they should have perfect repair stills. But if some part appears serious fracture or damage, it’s not work well even repair. In addition, after the repair is completed, strengthening maintenance work in daily life is really a good way.

2. Purchasing: machine damage rate is over 30%

If the jaw crusher you used damage rate is over d 30% (including wear and tear, aging, component failure), we advise that replacing a new one. Because when the equipment has been damaged very seriously, even if you re-repair with new parts, it also can not work a long time. First of all, accessories are not original, some junctions are not consistent, and intermediate outputs has more problems. Of course, the costs of maintenance is very high, and takes more time. Even if repaired, the safety performance does not guaranteed, it’s likely to fails work and injury the operation man in the operation. Try to save a little but lose a lot, right?

Fote machinery suggests: When the jaw breakage rate is high, you should stop using; when you can not be determine broken area, consult professionals!

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